Operation of piling machine Comparision of technologies
back 3 steps in daily use
Basic technology  The system for controlling pile drivers is based on a very flexible and powerful software. This flexibility allows using the software in variety of tasks. Especially when used on special machines the strength of this system is coming to bear. A possible example is the application at heavy drilling machines and pile drivers. The basic system is suitable for all tasks related to the positioning, navigation, documentation and evaluation of spatial and temporal data. Measurement technology  The system supports total stations or GNSS sensors, wich have controllable cutting sites (Leica,  Topcon, Trimble, Ashtec, Septentrio, etc.). Depending on requirement and configuration the system allows position accuracies of 1 - 5 cm. It can be incorporated any sensor system for their specific  needs. The absolute position is determined by dual-GPS, GPS or total stations, either in conjunction with or without a compass. As well as the integration of lasers, inclinometers, encoders or other  sensor systems for relative position determination is possible. Leica GPS-Technology The, in collaboration with PPM-GmbH, specifically emerged GPS-acceptors are constructed for  hardest terms. They bear up falls and vibrations, are applicable at temperatures from -40°C to  +65°C and are resistant to rain, dust, sand and snow. This technology offers a strong cm-  accurateness to have certain quality, GPS and GLONASS support for a maximum of  availableness as well as resistenz against common-mode interference of radio, GSM, TV, etc.,  too. 
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